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“The Bible Story” Workshop is designed to give an introduction to the Bible as ONE story. The Bible is not just a bunch of short stories, but is actually ONE story broken up into smaller pieces. The problem is: those pieces aren’t in chronological order, and the stories cover over four thousand years of history that you probably didn’t learn in high school. In the workshop, you will hear an overview of the entire Bible that starts with the Creation story and works its way through the Bible chronologically. Actually, you’ll hear both the five minute version that I call “The Paradise Cycle” and then you’ll hear a longer, more detailed version titled “THE Bible Story.” Next, we’ll look at how the books of the Bible are arranged and how THE Bible Story fits into them. We’ll do a lot of hands-on exercises. You will be given the tools, encouragement, and motivation to READ THE BOOK for yourself, knowing that the Creator of the Universe is calling you into a deeper relationship with Him through His Holy and Inspired Word.

“The Bible Story” Workshop is perfect for any group: men’s groups, women’s groups, youth groups, homeschool groups, neighborhood groups – virtually any group whose desire is to gain a better understanding of the Bible. The Workshop can be completed in one day. However, if you want to extend the workshop into a retreat setting, additional sessions are available.

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What others are saying:

  • “I am definitely a beginner in Bible study so you and your class are a blessing to me.   I am learning so much.”
  • “I love the way you make the stories seem like real life and not just ‘stories’”
  • “Your love of the stories really shows”
  • “You made many confusing things much clearer to me”
  • “Thank you! This was the best course ever!”
  • “Great job! You are a talented story-teller!”
  • “I wish the class were longer!”
  • “Thank you for teaching this class. Your gift for teaching is amazing. You take a detailed and complicated book and explain it effortlessly and joyfully. I truly feel I understand so much more than small stories and verses.”
  • “Thank you for walking me through the Bible. I feel blessed to benefit from your hours of study and wisdom.”
  • “Thank you so much for all the time and energy you have put in your classes. It has been a joy watching you share your love of Christ. May we continue to be blessed with your teaching.”
  • “Suzanne has a powerful presence and a peaceful spirit.”



I heard Suzanne speak on The Paradise Cycle. Two key things have stuck with me. First, the pure passion that exuded from Suzanne. She said God wooed her to read His word. I can’t tell you how many times that has replayed in my head. The delight with what God has revealed to her shines through as she speaks. She now woos others into His word. And the visual Suzanne presented of the paradise cycle, I can still see it now. God created paradise and though man’s plans and choices brought the fall, God’s purpose and plan for paradise will reach full circle! God has wooed her to teach and equipped her with truth.

Jeanette Edgar



How I learned to appreciate the WHOLE Bible:

Hi, my name is Margaret, and I’ve been privileged to sit under Suzanne’s teaching for several years in different settings.  My husband and I first got to hear her clear (to-even-the-spacey) presentation of Scripture in a small Sunday School class. Then she taught a “Journey Through the Bible” class which helped a “failed” history major (I switched to English, finally since I couldn’t remember dates) get a handle on the who, what, when, where, and why of Scripture, both verbally and visually. I especially appreciated her teaching the Bible chronologically!  Yes, the Old Testament can be confusing, depressing, and full of wars, failures, and  God’s wrath (which the early Jews, and we deserve); but I came to a new and deeper understanding of God’s relationship with and love for His people, including ME, by her unique way of telling the whole story and how everything fit together.

Next, I listened as she taught what she called her “milk ministry” (many of us weren’t ready for the meat and potatoes yet) class called New Life In Christ on Sunday nights.  Even though I thought I was pretty familiar with the Bible, I never failed to learn a new aspect and appreciation of God’s Word.

She was born to teach!  And I’ll be forever grateful to God for the privilege of His use of her to bring me closer to Him.

-Margaret Moore

Suzanne puts the Bible story into the context of world history. That’s how the Bible story happened. It wasn¹t on a separate timeline or a separate universe. The Bible story happened during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and all the events that established civilization as we know it. And the Bible story continues into the modern era, warning us that the world would endure trouble, wars and destruction. The Bible story, as organized and taught by Suzanne, helps me see the big picture and gives me hope, helping me to apply the lessons I learn to my life.

— Cindy McGregor


Suzanne and I met several years ago at our church. We became friends before I asked her for help in learning more about the Bible. She shared her dream about building Read THE Book Ministries. I managed to attend one of her classes on “Journey Through the Bible”. Even though I couldn’t continue, she sent me home with reading materials to help my personal study. (She is passionate about helping anyone who wants to build a closer relationship with God.) Later on, I participated with several others in New Life In Christ,  a Sunday Bible Study that she led which encouraged sharing the Word in our everyday experience and to live, not talk, being Christians.
As a child, I had been brought up going to church. I learned to read using the KJV. (It also helped me become an excellent speller in school! I could sound out words way above my grade level!) My first SS lesson taught me that God loved me. I attended Sunday School and knew Bible stories from Genesis through Revelation. However, it wasn’t until I retired that I really turned my life over to Christ completely. That was when Suzanne pointed out to me that, as much as I knew of the Bible, He wanted me to read ALL of His Word, not just segmented daily lessons – and to become aware of the significance of Christ’s story as one story.
I started late in the year when she suggested this to me. It was tough. As a retired teacher, I had my fill of “required” assignments, but I continued reading. I chose an easy-to-read chronological version of the Bible, along with a “Suzanne-style” time line to help understand the historical aspects. For the first time in my life – I read the whole Bible in 2011. On New Year’s Day, 2012, I began a second reading. This time around, I am reading the Bible in its book order and have chosen the NIV translation.
I find that 2 Timothy 3:16-17 expresses why reading the Bible can work so powerfully in our lives: “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip people to do every good work.”(NLT). Accepting Suzanne’s challenge strengthened my faith. My prayer is that it may do so for any reader who chooses to read THE book!

Patty Willett

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