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It’s Time!

Have you ever messed up? I mean REALLY messed up. Most of us have. The people of God had messed up, too. God had a special relationship with His people, Israel. But they slowly turned their backs on Him. Everything … Continue reading

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Journey Through The Bible

For many years, Read THE Book Ministries has been focused on local teaching with the long-term goal to share the information with more than just those who commit to a 30 week class at my local church. I have loved … Continue reading

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The Land of the Lost

There used to be a TV show called The Land of the Lost. It was about a family that somehow fell through time and ended up in prehistoric dinosaur days. I tuned in every week to see if they miraculously … Continue reading

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New Life In Christ – Accepting Christ as Your Lord and Savior

You’ve probably heard the phrase “accepting Christ” before, but WHAT does it mean and HOW do you do it? Christians are called Christians because we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We learn about Christ by reading … Continue reading

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Life After Death

John 11 tells the story of a friend of Jesus named Lazarus. The story begins by telling us that Lazarus is sick and his family calls Jesus to come, but Jesus doesn’t come right away and Lazarus dies. A few … Continue reading

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Saved By Grace

I grew up in the Bible Belt, the nickname for the deep south given because of the church’s influence and the high number of Christians. Most of us born in the south back in the olden days, the nineteen hundreds, … Continue reading

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His Mercies Are New Every Morning

If you were to read the first part of Lamentations you would hear the writer crying out about how hard his life has been, about how everything that could go wrong did, and then it got worse. Poor guy. Talk … Continue reading

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