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suzanneeditedIf you asked people who know me in real life to describe me, you’d get a lot of very different answers. Some would say, “Oh, she’s so sweet” or “she’s really shy” or “She is absolutely crazy!” Others would roll their eyes and say, “Well, she certainly can speak her mind!” Some might even say, “Who?” because even though we may ‘know’ each other, I am probably one of those invisible people you recognize when you see, but know nothing about. So, let me just tell you right off the bat – I am a unique mix of outspoken and quiet, introspective and outgoing, serious and funny. I bet there are different sides of your personality, too. The whole point is – I am a mixture of all of these things, like you, and it will take a little time for us to get to know each other. I won’t bore you with “Hello. My name is Suzanne Harris. I live in Guntersville, Alabama and I’ve been writing and teaching Bible Studies since 2005.” Yes, all of that is true – but it’s not WHO I am. What I will tell you is that I am not perfect. Just ask those people who know me in real life. I have made mistakes in life, I have hurt people, I have regrets – but I am growing. I am learning from those mistakes, and I am one of those people that when I get knocked down – I cry for a while, but then I get up and start over. I found my passion when I started teaching adult Bible studies and couldn’t find the resources I wanted, so I created them for myself. I love a good challenge. If something needs to be done, I find a way to do it and re-vamp as needed. And I couldn’t do it without my Savior whose mercy is new every morning. I mess up, I hurt, I try to do better next time. So, be patient with me – I am a work in progress. I am evolving. I am becoming – me.

Now for those of you who want to know the other stuff….

  • I was born and raised in Alabama. Never lived anywhere else and can’t imagine I would ever want to.
  • I graduated from college in 1989 with a degree in Family and Child Development and everything I thought I knew about families and children flew out the window as soon as I got married and had kids.
  • We are out-of-the-box people. My two sons are both brilliant, handsome, kind, talented, and funny. They also each have learning differences that I choose to see as a blessing that forced us all to think outside-the-box. Being raised as a stay-in-the-box type, this proved to be quite challenging. Homeschooling them was both my biggest challenge and my biggest joy. I’m proud of the men they have become.
  • We live on a farm, but have no vegetable garden, chickens, horses, or anything remotely farm-like. We do, however, have a freezer full of venison.
  • We are no ‘Little House on the Prairie’ family and I am not a ‘Pioneer Woman.’ Not even close.
  • I’m really, really good at ‘lollygagging’ (that’s a fun way of saying ‘doing nothing in particular.’) This is not the same thing as being lazy, it’s more like the art of sitting still and pondering anything and everything, or nothing in particular.
  • I sing in the Huntsville Community Chorus, have been in numerous church choirs and praise bands, have starred in musical theater stage productions, and have taught children’s music classes. And I don’t read music.
  • I just started watercolor painting. I was 45 years old before I found out I was an artist, but I am – I am an artist. Who knew?
  • I’ve spent the last several years volunteering in a women’s group home with women in a Christian discipleship program called The Mercy Home. I love my “girls” and have learned more from them about strength and courage and determination than I ever expected to. They inspire me and keep me appreciating the little things in life.
  • My house is a mess. Please call before coming over so I can stuff everything into a closet or under the bed before you get here.
  • I have an alter ego named Zanne. If I ever do anything crazy, wild, stupid, embarrassing, or dangerous – it’s her fault.
  • I am passionate about my God, His Book, His people, and am committed to Kingdom work.

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