What is the Bible?

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For Christians, the Bible is a very important book! It is our handbook, our instruction manual, our guide to understanding our Creator, our Savior, and even ourselves. It is a family scrapbook with stories of our ancestors. In it we learn the history of the nation of Israel and how we are connected to it even if we aren’t Jewish. We read about Jesus Christ, His life and teachings, His sacrifice, and His gift of eternal salvation from an everlasting death. The Bible is our source of information, comfort, example, guidance, and faith.

The Bible tells us the story of God and how He has related to mankind throughout history. When we read God’s Word, we allow Him to speak His truth to us, filling us with a gradual understanding of who He is and the knowledge of His Heavenly Kingdom. It has been said that when we pray, we talk to God; but when we read His Word, we listen to God speaking to us.

The first thing we need in order to read and understand the Bible is a relationship with Jesus Christ, otherwise we are just reading an interesting book. Reading the Bible can be confusing at times, but we can receive guidance through the Holy Spirit when we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Have you done this? If not, read the post called “Accepting Christ” located on the left-hand side bar.

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