The Game Changer

There have been many events that changed history, some for the better, some for the worse. But none have changed history the way that Resurrection Day did. For three years, Jesus taught His followers, performed many miracles, and He challenged the beliefs of His people and their understanding of their God. He was already one of those people who was changing history. And then He was put through a trial for doing these things and His people turned against Him and had Him killed. He lived during the time of the Roman Empire and the form of capital punishment of the time was crucifixion – hanging from a cross until you died. He was first beaten and then forced to carry the heavy cross up a mountain to the place of death. As He hung from the cross it seemed this great man’s story was over. It had been a great story and people would never forget Him. Many believed He was a prophet, they knew He was a healer, and His teachings would go down in history with other great philosophers.

But there was a point in the story where everything changed. Everything. History changed. The future changed. Religion changed. The whole world was changed. Today, we call the event that changed everything Easter. Resurrection Day. The Day of the Empty Tomb. After Jesus died, His body should have been prepared for burial by His loved ones. But it was the day before the Sabbath, their Holy Day, and His family couldn’t touch a dead body. So, they lay Him in a tomb which was cut out of a hillside like a cave, and planned to come back after the Sabbath to complete the burial process. They knew this great Man from history had a lot of people who followed Him and they were concerned someone might try to take His body, so they sealed His tomb/cave by rolling a large stone in front of the opening to keep out anyone who might try to get IN. It probably didn’t occur to them that Someone might need to get OUT, but that is exactly what happened.

Jesus had been trying to tell His followers that after His death, He would see them again. He even told them He’d meet them in Galilee three days after His death. They didn’t get it, but He was serious. On the third day of His ‘death,’ He left the tomb. Alive. Some of the women who were His followers, friends, and caretakers, went to the tomb to begin the burial process. Only they found an empty tomb. An Angel even asked the question, “Why do you look for the living among dead? He is not here. He is risen.” Game Changer. He is not dead. He is risen. And just like He said He would, He met His disciples in Galilee where He spent another 40 days with them. Alive. Not dead. He had conquered death itself. Game changer.

So what does this mean to you and me? It means He proved that death wasn’t the end. It means that we are followers of a Risen Savior. He killed death so that we might have life. It means that we don’t die a ‘forever’ death, but we, too, have a life after death – a life in His Kingdom. He calls us to join Him there to spend eternity with Him. He told His disciples once, “In my Father’s house are many rooms, and I am going there to prepare a place for you.” So, where do you want to spend your eternity? Jesus has asked you to come and live with Him in His Father’s House, Heaven. Will you make the choice to follow Him? Will you choose to have NEW LIFE IN CHRIST?

To learn more, read:

  • Matthew 27:57-28:20
  • Mark 15:42-16:18
  • Luke 24:1-49
  • John 20:1-31

“But these things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have LIFE in His Name.” John 20:31

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  1. Dawn says:

    And yet, we humans often fight against change. Perhaps we need to learn to embrace it, instead!

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