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Read THE Book Ministries is dedicated to teaching Christians to see the Bible as one story, encouraging them to read that story for themselves, and giving them the tools they need to Read THE Book.

Read THE Book Ministries has one goal: to help you read and understand the Bible for yourself. It started out as a class I taught in my local church called Journey Through The Bible and has grown into a variety of ways that I want to support anyone trying to read the Bible for themselves. For some, it is one day workshop that is a quick overview of the whole Bible and for others it is a guide to reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that I’m currently writing with a small group. This blog is one way I try to answer some question I hear often. I still teach classes locally and on occasion will speak for a small group. Read The Book Ministries is ALL of that and more. It’s just my way of grouping it all together under one umbrella.

The name comes from a time in my life when I was really struggling to know God. Many years ago I had an uncomfortable experience that would change me forever and would lead me to teach the way I do. I was in a local Bible study group and one day asked a question that left me feeling like a total idiot. The question wasn’t really that stupid, but I sure felt like it was. I had grown up going to church, but still did not know much about my Bible. I was so embarrassed that day that I went home and started asking God to teach me about Him and His Word. He said to me, “If you want to know Me, you are going to have to Read THE Book.” So I did.

That started my own personal journey to get to know Him for myself. I started seeing that all of the Bible stories I had learned as a child actually fit together to tell one story. I kept asking myself, “Why didn’t anyone explain this to me BEFORE I read the Bible? It would have been so much easier if I had only known!” I spent the next few years putting material together to share what I was learning with others and began calling it “Read THE Book” Ministries. I’ve used that same basic material to teach many groups in many settings over the years and it never fails to amaze me how God led me to put it together. He still wakes me up at night with new ideas and new possibilities, but it all goes back to the simple command to Read THE Book.

So, my mission is simple. I want to tell you everything I wish someone had told me and then send you on your way to Read THE Book for yourself, from beginning to end, as ONE story, His story – YOUR story.


3 Responses to Read THE Book Ministries

  1. Cindy McGregor says:

    you are gifted to teach, and I’m blessed to have benefited from your teaching and friendship.

  2. delora franck says:

    You are truly called to teach!!! You’ve taught me so much in the last 7 months!! You have helped me look at the bible as one long story…..Gods story. Now when I read the bible its like in reading it for the first time. I can’t wait to see how God uses you here at mercy home ministries! I love you!

  3. Terri Shaddox says:

    Taking your class years ago showed me how much more the bible means if you understand how it all fits together and you can connect all the dots. This has started me on a life long quest to keep finding new dots and connections. thanks so much for you dedication!

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